We take you from uncertain staffing to quality-assured personnel placement.

Leave the staffing lottery and make secure investments that guarantee the best the job market offers in your industry.


Quality-Assured Recruitment

We ensure high-quality recruitment from job advertisement to certified and competent staff, providing security and reliability for efficient warehouse work.

Certified Staff

Our certified candidates guarantee high work ethics and competence. This added assurance provides warehouse owners with reliable and well-prepared staff for their needs.

Safe Onboarding

We offer comprehensive support and secure transitions during onboarding. With regular workplace visits, smooth personnel management and continuous managerial support are ensured.

Here's the result

Increased productivity

Our meticulous recruitment process with certified staff leads to increased work ethic, competence, efficiency, and productivity.

Reduced employee turnover

Reliable and well-trained staff lead to reduced employee turnover, a stable workforce, and decreased costs for recruitment and training.

Improved work environment

Our focus on psychosocial competence and regular workplace visits contributes to an improved work environment, creating a positive atmosphere that benefits both staff and employers.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Reliable and well-trained staff contribute to better customer service and enhanced customer loyalty.

What our customers say

"At Kakelhuset, Granter is our obvious solution for staffing needs! Their meticulous recruitment process has solved turnover issues and improved customer satisfaction. Granter is the key to a harmonious and efficient workplace."
Adam Sander - Verksamhetschef, Kakelhuset
Adam Sander - Verksamhetschef, Kakelhuset
"Granter is truly a game changer for us at Bauhouse! Their quality-assured recruitment process has eliminated concerns about staffing. Now, we have a reliable and skilled team that exceeds our expectations."
Mila Kunis - Lagerchef, Bauhaus
Mila Kunis - Lagerchef, Bauhaus
"Granter has revolutionized our staff recruitment at Ikea! No more headaches about finding the right team. Their comprehensive process, from selection to regular follow-ups, ensures smooth operations. They provide what's essential for a stress-free and successful business."
Mila Kunis - Lagerchef, Bauhaus
Fredrik Stolpestad- Lagerchef, Ikea

Proven Excellence in Staffing

With a proven history of outstanding achievements, Granter represents a guarantee of trust in staffing solutions. Our dedication to meticulous recruitment processes, certified and competent personnel, and unwavering support has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations. Join a network of satisfied partners experiencing the strength of our services. Trust us as a catalyst for increased workforce driving your company towards long-term success.

Sounds good?